Height : 440 mm
Weight : 18.0 kgs (w/o oil)
■ Specifications :
Max. pressure : 700 bar
Oil required : 4.5 L
Motor size : 2.1 HP
Valve type : 4 way, 3 position manual valve
Motor manufacturer : Honda
Manually controlled 0.25L engine
■ Oil delivery :
3.8 L / min at low pressure
0.3 L / min at high pressure
■ Features :
Double acting portable engine pump.  
Capable to be applied with 100 ton compression heads as surpassing than equivalents.
Mounted with HONDA AE certified GXV57 engine.
Equipped with HONDA engine flameout switch.
The switching valve and the accelerator are designed with the same mechanism which allows to control both linkage and engine speed.
Automatic throttle design while either turning the switch valve to A or B point the engine speed will automatically pull up, switch back to neutral to keep the engine idling with fixed pressure.
Engine speed is slower with less oil delivery as high performance by low fuel consumption and allows for long term usage.

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