Height : 667 mm
Weight : 75.6 kgs (w/o oil)
■ Specifications :
Max. pressure : 700 bar
Oil required : 9.5 L
Motor size : 6.5 HP
Valve type : 4 way, 3 position manual / solenoid valve
Motor manufacturer : Honda
Manually controlled engine
■ Oil delivery :
13.4 L / min at low pressure
2.4 L / min at high pressure
■ Features :
Pressure gauge located in upright position for better reading.
Supplied with inflatable tires and rotated 360˚ front wheels for changing direction easily.
High efficiency and fast working gasoline pump.
GHP-5MR permits the user to advance, hold and retract the ram at both single and double acting presses.
Suitable for double acting compression heads used in transmission line stringing and maintenance or single acting compression heads for overhead work fields.
Radio frequency remote controller is able to be used wireless at less 30 meters distance by its remote operation.

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