Length : 459 mm
Weight : 3.1 kgs(w/o battery)
■ Specifications :
Drive unit : 18V DC motor
Charger (GS/CE) :
Input voltage : 110V single phase AC
Input voltage : 230V single phase AC
Input frequency : 50~60 Hz
Reservoir capacity : 40 cc
■ Crimping Capacity :
Max pressure : 460 bar
Max output : 6.0 tons / 58.0 kN
■ Features :
Proper crimps are assured with butting steel jaws.
Increased strength and greater bearing area is provided with larger steel bolts.
Fast, easy, one-hand die insertion.
No lost dies with spring loaded positive lock die retainer buttons.
Full crimp force assured with over center cam action.
Operator protection provided with butt stops and heat shrinktubing.
Long life expectancy provided with fiberglass handles and light weight high strength aluminum alloy castings.
The “D3” groove accommodates the line of type “W”-die inserts.
■ Connector range :
Copper, aluminum, ACSR, copperweld, alumoweld, steel, 6201, 5005, compressed and compact conductors.
Copper taps: # 10 sol.-2/0 str.
Aluminum, ACSR taps: # 14 sol.-4/0 ACSR
Stirrups: # 6 ACSR-4/0 ACSR
Overhead full tension deadend, full tension splices, non tension splices, and terminals conductor range: # 10 str.-4/0 ACSR
Code conductor connectors: # 6-4/0 str. Copper and aluminum

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