Length: 780 mm
Weight: 15.8 kgs

Max. pressure: 700 bar
Oil required: 400 cc
Max. output: 11.1 tons / 110 kN
Ram stroke: 250 mm
Max. bending: 90 degrees

Bending capacity
Thin steel conduit: 15 mm-75 mm (5/8”)-(3”)
Thick steel conduit: 16 mm-82 mm (1/2”)(3”)
Gas pipe: 15 mm-65 mm (1/2”)-(2 1⁄2”)

Compatible with all bending shoes designed to bend JIS standardized conduit pipe and gas pipe.
Designed to bend various sizes and thicknesses of steel pipe.
Makes smooth, wrinkle-free bends.
Bending frame and pivot shoes are lightweight, heat-treated aluminum.
Operated by any hydraulic pump with rated oil pressure of 700 bar (10,000 psi).
The PB-10N was designed to bend various sizes and various thickness of steel pipes without wrinkles.
An aluminum alloy frame makes this bender lighter so that it can be easily carried to the job site.
Bending shoes are designed to bend JIS standardized conduit pipe and gas pipe listed in left chart. If the pipe outer diameter being bent is equivalent to the one from the chart, the shoe can be used for the application.

Aluminum frame
Single action hydraulic cylinder
2 Pivot shoes

Hydraulic pump & bending shoes are sold separately.

Bending shoe
Thin conduit(A) Thick conduit(B) Gas pipe(SGP)

Size Pipe dia Size Pipe dia Size Pipe dia Size Pipe dia
A15 15.9 A63 63.5 B42 47.8 SGP-25 34
A19 19.1 A75 76.2 B54 59.6 SGP-32 42.7
A25 25.4 B16 21 B70 75.2 SGP-40 48.6
A31 31.8 B22 26.5 B82 87.9 SGP-50 60.5
A39 38.1 B28 33.3 SGP-15 21.7 SGP-65 76.3
A51 50.8 B36 41.9 SGP-20 27.2    

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